Friday, October 26, 2007

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Etsy Texas Crafters Trunk Show!

Etsy Texas Crafters' wagon train pulls into New York City
ETC Trunk Show At Etsy Labs, 325 Gold St, Brooklyn
September 28-29, 2007

Enjoy the best arts and crafts that Texas has to offer, and visit with some terrific Texans, without even leaving the city!

The fun starts Friday, September 28, with the Etsy Labs Last Fridays Trunk Show from 6-8pm EST. Then, because things are bigger from Texas, the show continues on Saturday afternoon from 1-5pm EST.

With more than 50 Etsy Texas Crafters represented, you get a taste not only of Texan artists and Texas size art but also of terrific Texas edibles and door prize drawings every half hour throughout both shows (no need to be present to win).

And if you're one of the first 25 early birds at Friday night's opening shindig, receive a goodie bag, guaranteed to be Texas sized and Texas Special!

The Etsy Texas Crafters Trunk Show is free and open to the public -- but please rsvp to so we'll know y'all are coming!

Don't know how to get to Etsy Labs?

Can't make it to the show? Attend virtually via workshop (link will be posted prior to shows), shop the sales in the ETC shops at throughout the entire weekend, and participate in an online treasure hunt (with prizes!).

Visit our website at or our team shop at for more information and links.

Thursday, September 13, 2007


It got here on Tuesday, just like they said! I am absolutely in AWE - from Indonesia to my door in 4 business days. Seriously the USPS should take lessons from FedEx.

Here's the loot:

You don't want to know how much it cost. Multiple hundreds of dollars. I got it because I will be at the DC Craft Mafia Unusual Suspects Arts and Crafts Festival on November 3rd in Bethesda, MD, and I desperately need to make more inventory. A lot more inventory!

Here is a sample of what I've made so far with my new supplies... all of these are in progress. Note the lack of a clasp on the picasso jasper and pearl necklace with the lovely silver centerpiece (in the top left corner), and the fact that the burgundy pearls are not finished being strung yet.

And, for those of you who thought that I, the perfectionist, worked in a lovely neat little creative space, this will enlighten you - a picture of my workspace as it really is. Note the snippets of silver - I occasionally drop those in my keyboard.

Monday, September 10, 2007

I want my silver!

I ordered nearly $400 of sterling silver from Indonesia last week. Although the company shipped promptly (they were awesome, seriously), my box of goodies is now in Anchorage, Alaska! I know I should be patient, and it's supposed to be here by tomorrow, but I want to play now!

I guess I shouldn't complain... 4 business days isn't exactly slow, considering that it's coming halfway around the world. But still... I AM impatient!

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

I've been featured!

Impybat has generously featured me in her blog! I feel so honored. Here's a link to her entry profiling my work. And here are a few items from her two shops on Etsy - Impybat and Groovyvinyl. Go check out the nice feature on my work and her stores too!

Buy Handmade

Buy Handmade

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Etsy Treasury 3-19-07

Unfortunately, I'm terribly behind in doing this, but I'm going to catch up as soon as I finish editing and cropping the screenshots I captured. I've discovered the joys of Treasuries on Etsy, and I thought a good way to give the artists I choose a little bit of extra promotion would be to save a screenshot of the Treasury and post links to their shop and item here. So... here is the first that I captured. This is actually a Treasury in which I was featured, so I thought I would give a shout-out and link to these artists and the Treasury curator as well.

RightAsRainCreations - the Treasury curator. She makes lotion and cards.
dylonwhyte - makes gorgeous chainmaille jewelry.
castleman - makes lovely yarn and things made from yarn (scarves, etc.)
SarahsSky - makes mosaics, stained glass, and other beautiful glass items
potteryintheround - makes felted pottery items, meaning the item is knitted and felted, not actually made of ceramic (so cool!)
muchachak - makes pouches, bags, clutches, hair clips, etc.
brokenhallelujah - crochets cute Mary Jane slippers, totes, etc.
ArtByTR - specializes in light switch covers (cooler than it sounds!), but also sells metal art, journals, etc.
The next item is mine, if you're following my pattern here. Mine is the pearl and kyanite necklace, in the middle second row from the bottom.
JMNPOTTERY - makes ceramic stuff - bowls, tea pots, etc. - I've been coveting several items in her store for weeks now!
boygirlparty - makes cool clothes and sometimes paper items
rufflebuttpanties - makes ruffly bags/purses
lesastuff - makes gorgeous wooden jewelry, some purses/bags, hats, etc.

Go check out these stores! There is so much cool stuff on Etsy you could never find it all, but I think checking out the Treasury is a great way to start. Let me know if you find something you love, because I'd be thrilled to know I'd helped out a fellow artist.


Monday, April 02, 2007


I've just listed a few new ACEOs on Etsy.

This one is Stripes I, the first in my Stripes series. The paint is metallic, which is why the photo looks so funny. It's $5, and you can see more information and purchase it here.

This one is Minima II, the second in the Minima series. The first was sold pretty quickly, and the third I traded last week. The ink is actually a very dark purple India ink, not black. It's $4, and you can see more information and purchase it here.

This one is Color Wash VIII, the eighth in the Color Wash series. The paint is a wash of metallic gold acrylic, which has black India ink over it. It's $5, and you can see more information and purchase it here.